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Whether you’re a developer or an organization, we help maintain your GitHub projects, letting you focus on what you really want.

Make Your GitHub Awesome

We've built a suite of tools to overhaul your GitHub project or organization docs, making it easier for new users to become great contributors. Don't scramble to find great devs: build them by having a welcoming community.

Got Issues?

We'll help you sort and manage your issues and pull requests, providing you with empathetic copy and templates for recurring questions. And we'll pen human responses when you don't want to, letting you sleep easier.

Community Dashboard

Use our dashboard to track your community over time, to provide data-based feedback about how you can grow, get more open source contributions, and spend less time maintaining and more time creating.

Our mission statement.

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Solo Developer?

We’ve got you covered. Take the weekend off without worrying about your codebase.

Maintaining a ton of repos? Look at the Organization plans below.

Standard README

Does your README have an install section? A Usage secton? How about a mention of API methods? Contributing Guides? A good description? We have a checklist we’ll go over to make it look great. We’ll even review your README now for free.

GitHub maintenance

Our tools and processes will help us maintain your GitHub project. We don’t merge your major PRs, but we’ll help improve the quality of issues and PRs you do get, by making your documentation tighter and easier to use.

Issue Triage

We’ll help you sort and manage open issues and pull requests, providing you with copy and templates for recurring questions. If you have dozens of issues you feel you need to resolve, we’ll help you feel like some can wait until later.

Defusing Contributor Conflicts

Merged the wrong patch, and now someone is throwing a fit? We’re skilled at using non-violent communication with coders; we’ll work with you to defuse the situation, taking the stress out of open source demands.

Out of Office

Going away for a long hike in the mountains? No problem. We’ll watch your issues and make sure that your contributors know that you’re not forgetting them.

Just want a health check?

Sign up for a developer experience audit. We’ll take a look at your repo and let you know what you can improve in one go.

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Read what people have said about our founder and open source.

Richard’s efforts dramatically improved our community, and saved significant amounts of time. He overhauled the GitHub org structure for IPFS and several other open source projects. He created standards and tooling to ensure good open source hygiene, to improve the experience of all contributors, and to save us time.

Juan Benet of Protocol Labs

Juan Benet, Protocol Labs Founder

Richard makes open source contribution accessible to developers of all levels in a very direct and personal way, helping people from our community find a project they can start contributing to right away. He’s helping bring diversity and inclusion to open source communities, while simultaneously lowering the barrier of entry to people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Roberta Voulon of Les Pitonneux

Roberta Voulon, General Director of non-profit Incubateur de talents Les Pitonneux

Richard helped us keep our GitHub issues under control at Read the Docs. He was quick to respond and triage incoming issues, and gave our community the sense that they were being looked after. Previously issues would sit for weeks, frustrating users, and filling us with guilt. With we had happier users, and felt much better about the support we were giving our community.

Eric Holscher of Read The Docs

Eric Holscher, Read The Docs Founder

Larger Organization?

We can help you maintain and market your Open Source presence. Don’t scramble to find great devs: build them by having a welcoming, active, and maintained code community.

Community Dashboards

Wondering if Open Source really helps? Measure it! Track your community over time. Use our data-based feedback about how your community is growing to get more open source contributions, more eyes on your site, and ultimately more great developers who want to work with you.

GitHub maintenance

We’ve built tools and processes to help your developers maintain your GitHub organization as a whole. We specialize in user flow over large organizations. This saves your developers time and money, and makes it easy for newcomers to contribute to your code, and stay on as community members.

Contributing Docs

To have a great community, you need to have great contributing documentation. Tell newcomers how to get involved, what steps they need to take to contribute, and that they are welcome.


Not sure what license to go with? Worried about intellectual property? Call a lawyer. But we can give you advice about how to standardize licensing and best practices to make sure contributions conform to your licensing protocol.

Open Sourcing

Want to make your project open source, but don’t know how? We’ll help you modularize the code, and outline a strategy for getting people excited about your code.

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